Coffee & Coach

Coffee & Coach is a professional form of coaching with a cup of coffee in a coffeeshop.  


Sometimes you can have the need to talk to someone because you are a bit stuck. Or because you have the feeling that you run in to the same thing over and over. 


Coffee & Coach is a low key but professional form of coaching. 


Sometimes there is this need to talk to someone because you are stuck, or have this feeling that you are running around in the same circle. Same sh*t, different day.

If you want professional help but you don't want to lay down on the sofa of a psychiatrist? 


Make an appointment for a cup of coffee!

- short term

- you don't need a docters referal

- you are not stuck to a program

- On demand


Coffee Coach


Het tarief voor een sessie met koffie van 1 uur kost 125,- 

Coffee & Card

5 sessies 600,-


Inclusief koffie of thee.  

Coffee to Go


Het tarief voor een wandelcoach sessie van 1 uur kost 125,-

Indien gewenst inclusief een Coffee to Go!

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The Practice:

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