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"My mission is: to make people's daily lives better, easier and more fun in a pleasant and safe way."

Marga Hogenhuis

Hi, my name is Marga Hogenhuis-Flokstra, I am 48 years old, married and the mother of 3 children. After many wanderings and countless jobs, from employee to freelancer, I have a nice backpack filled with lots of experiences that I can use to empathize in many different situations.

From my own growth process I have learned what the price is of wanting to do too much for someone else. Or how insecurity and fears can be paralyzing. What scars a trauma leaves behind and what the impact is on your life then and on adult life now. But also know how you can convert negative events into something positive. And that is personal growth and development. 

It is my mission to help people in a pleasant and safe way to make their everyday life better, easier and more. My approach is warm and based on trust and security. I work intuitively and focussed on your strenghts to move onwards and upwards.  Do you feel addressed, this resonates with you and you are curious about your own power and potency? Then I look forward to meeting you! 

Marga has done a broad coaching / counseling course and the Integrative Psychoterapy education where the following techniques have been discussed: Hypnotherapy, Rational Emotive Therapy (RET), ACT, Gestalt therapy, modern short-term Psychodynamic therapies, Behavioral therapy, Inner Child work, psychosomatic, Solution oriented Therapy, Transactional Analysis (TA), Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Body oriented therapies, working with dreams, visualisations, working with sharing, Regression and coaching.

She has also completed the basic Psychosocial and Medical knowledge course and has developed a basic knowledge in the field of (developmental) psychology and psychopathology.

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What others say

Through my work I ended up at PIT and Marga. The moment I came to Marga, I urgently needed guidance in the home situation and the work situation. With both the base was gone and I didn't feel out of place anywhere. There was no solid ground under my feet and I didn't know how to proceed further. It was already clear from the first appointment that there was a good click between the practitioner (Marga) and the client (myself).  Marga has helped me very well on my way to tackle the problems. The initial focus was first on the home situation, to create a solid base there again. We focused on this during the first half of the sessions and through exercises and self-reflection. After a few sessions I noticed a change in myself and that I started to look at things differently and was able to rationalize better.


In the second half of the sessions we focused on the work situation. Here too we have made great strides through exercises and self-reflection and I have regained some structure in my daily life.


It is a pleasure to work with Marga, she really takes the time for you, is neutral in everything and will not judge anything. This nice approach worked very well for me and I felt very comfortable during all sessions and it was easy for me to throw my problems on the table.


Of course I still have some work to do for myself, but without Marga I couldn't have started it myself. I am therefore very happy and grateful that Marga has helped me on my way again. A must for anyone who is in knots with situations or with themselves. I heartily recommend her.


“Via my psychologist I was recommended to Marga to do an Assertiveness Training. Amazing to discover that my insecurities can be challenged and altered by looking at events from the past. And to learn from the events that are happening today. ”

“It gives a real nice and satisfying feeling to look at my questions and challenges together with Marga. It gave me an insight in my emotional world and gave me peace of mind but most importantly it gave me tools for the future."

"I must say that I found it mostly surprising to come to find how the events and experiences from the past have had a decisive impact on how I make the choices in my life today. The sessions gave my lot's of insights on how some events have played such an important role in my believe-system ”

"I found Marga on the internet by searching by feeling for someone where I can feel: This is" right ", here I can make good steps in my processes in a way that feels good and good.

Although I did not know what that way exactly was and with what kind of therapist. I already have some experience with psychologists, therapists, regular and alternative techniques and yet I did not know what I was looking for or what I needed. Marga turned out to be exactly the person I was looking for :-)

Setting limits was the theme I came for, but during the process I came across blind spots and family pieces.

In my opinion, after the first two sessions, I dealt with situations differently, I clearly indicated my limits.

With the start of every session, I experienced that we entered openly and Marga perfectly matched me.

There were also sessions that Marga had prepared, such as a hypnosis, for which I had indicated a certain theme.

The different techniques she proposed to use felt good, fitting and fine.

Marga can set up a session in such a way that I can get everything out of a session.

Some key words: tuning, balance, organic, beautiful techniques, intuitive, open, persevering, supporting, trusting, empowering.

In the meantime I now feel tidy inside, calmer, more secure and freer.

Thank you Marga for the nice sessions and the steps I could take with you!"


“What worked very well for me was looking at myself from a distance and asking me what things I missed / needed / wanted to give myself. By "stepping out of myself" (ed .: taking a meta position) I could see that much easier than when I started thinking about it. Then giving a name, a color or a symbol to what I mentioned made it very easy to get it back. The last session where we talked about trust, love and self-assurance and attributing colors to it helped me to feel that more immediately. That really worked amazingly effectively :-) It also gave me the strength to let go of two relationships in which I had lingered for far too long. By believing more in myself again and having the confidence that it will turn out, this suddenly became not so difficult anymore and I felt how liberating it was and those positive feelings also grew exponentially! Very nice, thank you! ”

"I am fine at the moment. The process I am in is still in full swing (probably will never be finished). I feel that I am getting closer to my core and that is very nice. In the meantime I also started thinking about the training I am going to do, it is a training aimed at guiding people through their awareness process, getting to your own core, at the Boswijk institute. In short, in full development! Thank you for your help and support in this process. In any case, it helped me get direction again!”

 "The moment I started to drown in my own way of thinking, I met Marga. Together we searched for the essence. With very nice conversations and exercises I got my life back on track. ”

“I have worked with Marga on RET therapy because my own thoughts make me very insecure / scared about whether I am good enough and belong to social groups. If there is even a small reason, I can worry about it all day long. Hereby my thoughts make it worse and it becomes more and more negative. Somehow you know that many thoughts are not realistic, but at the moments you cannot think about it that way and it is difficult to be aware of reality.

When I discussed and analyzed a situation with Marga about a fear of losing friends, I realized more and more that it was often nonsense what I thought. Especially the question of whether you can say with 100% certainty that the thought is true made me realize, and sometimes even a little laugh, that 9 out of 10 thoughts are not realistic and real.

It is nice to have performed the RET therapy with Marga. It consists of a number of steps with which you can analyze the situation. If I ever come across a similar situation, which is very likely with my uncertainty, then I can later ensure that I can turn my mind into something more positive and realistic. Thank you for giving me these tools! I can use it for the rest of my life! 

“I have learned to 'peal the union to the core' and to really look at the essence of my questions. From looking at it, I could take steps to solve or start processing the essence of my issues.  

It was a very warm and nice way of working on myself! 

Thank you for that."

Dank je wel.”

"What has been especially important is becoming aware of the I-strength. I can bounce off things that do not fit my energy, and protect myself, without my being hurt or myself in unpleasant situations. That is really the biggest thing what I have taken from my time with you. Thank you! "

"The moment I started to  drowning in my own mindset, I met Marga. together we have  searched for the essence. With very nice conversations and exercises I got my life back on track.”

It is nice to have performed the RET therapy with Marga. It consists of a number of steps with which you can analyze the situation. If I ever come across a similar situation again, which is very likely with my insecurity, I can later make sure that I can redirect my thoughts to something more positive and realistic. Thank you for giving me these tools! That will help me for the rest of my life!”

I approached Marga because I didn't feel confident in large group presentations, knowing it wasn't so much in my technique as in my personality and my past.


I got to know Marga as a cheerful and accessible woman who takes you on a journey. Through a systemic approach, Marga has given me insight into my relationship with others and especially what that does to me. In the follow-up to this, we have regularly returned to this and Marga has provided me with a number of instruments to let go of hindering thoughts and convert them into positive ones.  actions. Marga has a no-nonsense approach and provides practical tools that have helped me to take the next steps.


In the meantime I have regained my self-confidence and I regularly use the guidelines that Marga has provided.


Thank you Margaret and good luck!

Peter, 53 years old

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