Give me your fear.


I will give you hope in return...


My name is
Marga Hogenhuis. I am a Coach, Counselor, Integrative Psychotherapist and Hypnotherapist. Read more about who I am and what I do.


For Coaching and Therapy. For more self-confidence, to be more assertive, or to indicate better limits. Anxiety, depression or stress.
Family problems or pains for which there is no apparent cause.


The practice is in Amsterdam:
In Kadoelen Amsterdam North. Free parking. 
And at Practice Vaillantlaan on Steigereiland south.
Easy to reach by public transport. (Paid) parking in front of the door.

About me

Hi, my name is Marga Hogenhuis-Flokstra from PIT, I am 48 years old, married and the mother of 3 children. After many wanderings and countless jobs, from employee to Freelancer, I have a nice backpack full of experiences that I can use in many very different situations.

From my own growth process I have learned the price of wanting to do too much for someone else. Or how uncertainty and fear can be crippling. What scars a trauma leaves and what the impact is on your life then and on adult life now. But also how you can convert negative events into something positive. Namely personal growth and development.


It is my mission to make people's daily lives better, easier and more fun in a pleasant and safe way.


My approach is warm and based on trust and safety. I work intuitively and solution-oriented.


Do you feel addressed, does this resonate with you and are you curious about your own strength and potential? Then I look forward to meeting you!

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Fear or negative thoughts?

In this vlog I would like to share an exercise with  you. It helps you get a bit more distance from your thoughts. We all suffer from anxious thoughts or bad thoughts. Most of them are about ourselves.


These thoughts can get in the way of doing or trying new things. Or keep you awake at night. Or make you anxious. This is an exercise I often do with clients. With this simple but very valuable exercise you can do to create more distance from these thoughts. Are you in?! It only takes 5 minutes and you learn something that will benefit you for the rest of your life! Click on the video on the right. (In Dutch)

Don't focus on what you let go,

but focus on all you will gain. 

Start today with these tools:

In 7 stappen RET

Free e-book how you can learn to do things differently in 7 simple steps from an event. The value of this document is not so much in the quantity but in the technique you learn. This is life time benefit for you! (e-book is written in Dutch)

in 10 stappen Je hoofd opruimen

This free workbook gives you tips, explanations and assignments so that you can use writing yourself as a form of therapy.

With this you can start the process all by yourself. You will listen, watch and learn from your own story. And even though if it's free, the content is very valuable! (e-book is written in Dutch)

Trauma zonder herinnering

Research into the consequences of a date rape and how to deal with it. As a therapist but also as a victim.

Little is known about it and there is still a great taboo. With this booklet I hope to contribute to more awareness of this trauma. Free to download as an e-book. (e-book is written in Dutch)

Oath of manifestation

A youtube video with the Agape text that can help you manifest. (video is spoken in English)

"Don't wait for the perfect moment to start.

Starting will make the moment perfect."

Online sessies via skype, zoom or whatsapp videocall

Everybody feels the growing fear for the Corona-virus. For some, this means an other barrier to cross. It is possible to do sessions on the computer. That way you can do it from your house even if you live in another country.


Want to know more? Contact me!


Blog, vlog & Podcasts

What is Integrative Therapy?
Introducing my self


Marga Hogenhuis-Flokstra

Praktijk Vaillantlaan

Jan Olphert Vaillantlaan 70

1086 ZA  Amsterdam IJburg

06-36 54 18 19

KvK 66884098

AGB code praktijk: 90061984

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The Practice:

Praktijk Vaillantlaan

Jan Olphert Vaillantlaan 70

1086 ZA  Amsterdam IJburg

The Practice:

Praktijk Vaillantlaan

Jan Olphert Vaillantlaan 70

1086 ZA  Amsterdam IJburg

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