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An appointment within 24 hours

You are ready. You want to sort something out now and get on with it.

You want to get out of the mill of waiting lists and take control.You have already made the decision and you want to start tackling things. Grab the momentum, click the button below and make an appointment right away. Of course, you can also look around first :-)

Breaking patterns

Do you suffer from stress?

As an expert by experience, I know better than anyone how old patterns, beliefs and traumas affect the present and also how powerful it can be if you break through them!
Work intensively with me for 6 months and break the old patterns, create a life with less stress and get tools that you can apply throughout your life.
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your life in

Your life in balance

An appointment within 24 hours.

Online and live sessions.

Book your appointment online now.


"Don't focus on what you let go,
but focus on all you will gain." 

Straight to the


Your new life starts here!

No hour-long sessions talking and banging on about your past, here you sometimes don't even need to talk or explain. Using a combination of hypnotherapy, neurolinguistic programming, IEMT, Core Transformation and ACT (Acceptance & Commitment Therapy), among others, I help you get to the core and you can experience a change within a short period of time. 

Your new life starts here! This is the place where you will find support and the tools you need to make a lasting change. 

Busy busy busy? No time? stress?

Start the online course today:

Are you busy, no time, stressed? Then take this short online course right now.

You can learn to meditate

You will receive a short video with explanation for 5 days and a bonus in the workbook every day. It only takes you 2 minutes a day, but you will benefit from this for the rest of your life!

  • You will learn 5 different mindfulness exercises

  • You get a workbook with extras

  • You always have access to the lessons

  • If you don't have time to be mindful, this is just for you!

  • Super simple but oh so effective!

  • Anyone can do it

  • You can do it anywhere; at home, in the car, on the bike, in the bus

The investment is 29,- and you can start immediately today.

Naar muziek aan het luisteren

Arrange online now:

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