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Transformation game
Transformation game

Wed, 30 Mar



Transformation game

The Transformation Game is a surprisingly playful way to get to know yourself. You learn to understand how to play your life game and how to make changes to it. Whether it concerns personal questions, To achieve the goal or to get answers, you take steps on your life path.

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Tijd en locatie

30 Mar 2022, 19:00 – 23:00

Amsterdam, Jan Olphert Vaillantlaan 70, 1086 XZ Amsterdam, Netherlands

Over het evenement

What is the Transformation Game? The Transformation Game is a light-hearted, powerful and profound means to reflect on your own life game and to take steps towards change. The game looks like a normal board game with a game board, pawns, cards and a dice. However, it is not a game or a pastime. Playing the Transformation Game is a conscious step in a profound process of change. In the Transformation Game, the players determine in advance a goal with which they want to play the game. This is often a life question that you want to gain insight into, but it can also be about achieving the desired situation. At the beginning, the players exchange the goals with each other and, under the guidance of the game leader, pay attention to the clearest possible formulation. The clarity of the question determines how clear the answers from the game are.


  • Transformation game

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