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5 Things NOT to do if you want to let go

Letting go: The 5 Don'ts and how to gain your strength!

Letting go, a power tool for self-care and growth! But beware, there are a few things you have to skip if you want to spread those wings. 🦋

1. Don't Worry Excessively: Bye-Bye Thought Mill!

Worrying is like that eternal mill in your head that goes nowhere. Shift that focus to the now, the only place where the action happens!

2. Stop Thinking of Worst-Case Scenarios: Get rid of the Drama Queen!

Thinking up worst-case scenarios only fuels fear. Most of those doomsday scenarios never actually happened. Check your thoughts and challenge them with some sense of reality!

3. Don't Hide From Thoughts: Face it, Embrace it!

Don't avoid those troubling thoughts. Let yourself feel those emotions, that is the shortcut to liberation!

4. Don't Pretend It Doesn't Exist: No Denial Mode!

Burding your head in the sand doesn't solve anything. Acknowledge the bumps and work on the solution step by step. Confrontation is your best friend forever here!

5. Don't Minimize: Rock Your Feelings!

Don't compare your own pain with others. Everyone has their own struggles. Give yourself permission to take your feelings seriously and deal with them lovingly.

Letting go is unique for everyone. Avoid these don'ts and discover how to shine in your own strength. You got this, sunshine!

More tools and tips? Follow me on Insta @margahogenhuis Let's spread those positive vibes! 🌟

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