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Research into the consequences of a Date-rape

For my education I researched a trauma where there were no memories of the incident. This young woman came to me and told the shocking story that after a night out she woke up naked after 14 hours in a hotel unknown to her, not knowing how she got there and not knowing what happened...


I have developed this research into a booklet. Not only for myself, but also for this brave lady who has given me permission to share her story.

The book is an investigation into the consequences of a date-rape. In this research I looked for answers to the following questions: What are the effects of a date-rape involving the use of a drug? What are the psychological and (psycho)somatic complaints associated with this specific trauma? Which interventions can I apply? As a therapist, how do you deal with the fact that there are virtually no memories?


What can you do about it?

The book provides answers to these questions and provides an overview of possible interventions.

In my search for answers, I also came to the conclusion that not much is known about the consequences. I think that a major cause can be found in the fact that victims have nowhere to go and often do not take any action because of shame.

A trauma without memory

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