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A modern-day fairy tale...

When my client read this to me, I was very impressed. Of the symbolism, of the simplicity and of the power of metaphors. Sometimes I give clients a writing assignment. Depending on the request for help and whether it is something that suits the person, that writing assignment can vary. The assignment for her was; write your problem and solution in fairy tale form. You yourself are the hero in the story. What is the setback and what helped you towards a solution? Also, the story has a moral. What do you want to teach others? With my client's permission, I am allowed to share her story with you.

Once upon a time, there was a girl who turned green one day. It was in the middle of the dark night. Her parents were not at home. She was scared, felt alone and longed for her parents. She especially longed for her mother, who always made her feel safe. She was so startled by turning green that she kept thinking about it. "What if I turn green again? I feel so bad when I'm green. It scares me and I can't look at myself." "Tell you what, I'll cover myself with clothes! Then I'll never look green."

So she covered herself. One day, in the night, her brother also turned green. He was also anxious, and totally stressed out. He didn't know what to do. This made the girl even more afraid of turning green. She was reminded again of how scary it was when she turned green, and covered herself up even more. It did happen many times when her brother turned green, or another family member, and each time it made the girl more scared and covered herself more.

Time passed and she grew older and wiser. She realised how annoying it was to live in fear. What if she wasn't afraid of turning green? That would solve everything. Then I would no longer have to cover myself and enjoy life more. Without fear. She went to a wizard who gave her courage. Courage to get rid of the fear of turning green. It's okay to be green sometimes, even if it's not a pretty colour. And even if you feel bad for a while. The wizard gave her a hug and said, you can do it!

She left the wizard, and she did it! More and more garments she left behind. Ever lighter and freer with every step she takes towards her future. Sometimes she feels the fear come up again, then she closes her eyes, feels the fear and says the magic spell "I have the courage to feel the fear for what it is and to face it I have the courage to go on again."

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