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For those who don't know yet, my name is Marga Hogenhuis-Flokstra, I am 50 years old, married to Hans and together we have three daughters. These pieces are about our lives and about the stories from my practice where I work with great pleasure as a therapist.

A while ago, well actually years ago, I had the idea that I could start writing a column. With stories about ordinary people who come into my practice. To share the stories that everyone could recognise. Supplemented with events from our own lives. I had big plans and wanted ideas that I might be able to get into a magazine, that I might be asked to write for the Wendy or &C or the Flow, Happinez or Jan. And that I could publish a collection of stories with them. With not a single letter on paper yet, but dreaming and fantasising is not my problem! I never started, that's my problem... On my website there are enough blogs that I've written and every now and then an article of mine was posted on I'm very happy with that and very proud of it, but it's not quite the same.

Today I was reminded of it twice. So I thought, let's just start and see if I can do this.

Because I suffer from Pippi Longstocking syndrome: I've never done it before but I think I can!

Here I am, typing a story. Because you can never win the lottery if you don't buy a ticket, right?

The first reminder of this was when Marieke Elzinga told me on the radio this morning that she writes a column for &C. And that she is going to stop because it takes more time than she had thought. Hey, that offers opportunities! They are now diligently looking for someone to fill that gap! To me! Here I am! This is my open application for this job!

In my head I am already thinking about the month, did I experience anything nice? Can I tell you something useful or a nice story from practice? Nothing pops up automatically. A pity... I had hoped that this would happen. Well, maybe I should spend a bit more time thinking about what I want to write.

I can't use everything... If there are stories of which you can google the events and find out the true identity, that's already a reason not to write about them. Well known Dutch people is also off limits, not that I have one in my practice, but if that is the case I can't write about that either. While it can be so helpful for others if famous people tell how therapy and/or coaching helped them.

I am also not allowed to share that I work for a large airline company where they offer counselling preventively to their employees. All large companies should do that! It is easily accessible, costs the employees nothing and it does not have to be work-related. Do you have a problem? Just drop in on Marga, she is here today. How nice is that! So herewith, a call to all Multinationals in the Netherlands, hire a coach/therapist for a few hours a month so your employees don't get burnt out. That will save everyone a lot of money and misery.

Back to my mission to tell more people stories about ordinary people with sometimes everyday problems, sometimes bigger problems. It would be nice if coaching or therapy could be just like the dentist. A Mental Health Check Up once a year and if all goes well then see you next year and if there is something you are struggling with, let's see what might help! We go to the gym for our physical health, let's give our mental health the same attention.

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