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Is IEMT the same as EMDR?

In my practice

My name is Marga Hogenhuis-Flokstra, I am 50 years old, married to Hans and together we have three daughters. These pieces are about our lives and about the stories from my practice where I work with great pleasure as a therapist.

This week is a very busy week. I am attending a training course this week. As a therapist you have to be trained every year, and this year I have chosen for IEMT.

What is IEMT?

IEMT is the abbreviation for Integral Eye Movement Therapy and this method has a reputation for creating quick and lasting results when it comes to complaints related to fears, phobias and when people often become emotional in certain situations for no apparent reason. In a nutshell: It works just like EMDR with eye movements but differently. Just as effective, no side effects and you feel a difference immediately. It makes the memory less charged or the event in its entirety has been given a place so that it no longer arises in today's life.

The training is also given in the Netherlands, but I was given the opportunity to learn it from the man who developed this method (ed. Andrew T. Austin) and I thought that was a unique opportunity! I was supposed to go to England for this training but because of Corona, of course, that was all cancelled. So the training is online. The training lasts a total of 2x four days and it would start at 9:00 GMT. And it is two hours earlier than here. So at 7 o'clock. Now you must know that I am not a morning person, so this was quite a shock!

That aside, because of my training my normal family life will be completely disrupted these few days. I can't take my daughter to school. The husband has an important job in a big company and on one of these days he would have to go abroad as well.

Fortunately, my parents live nearby, so I asked them if my daughter could sleep there and if they could take her to school. Of course, my mum and dad were very happy to look after her. The little girl (11 years old by now but still the youngest) is being pampered. They have already bought special sandwich fillings for her, because last time she didn't like the cheese!

A few days ago I received an e-mail that she had made a mistake with the time. The course will be given at 9:00 a.m. London time. That's great! An extra hour I thought. But somewhere I made a miscalculation. Clever readers have of course already seen this. If it is an hour earlier in London, that means an hour later for me! So 10 o'clock, not 7 or 8. What an idiot I am! Anyway, better that I find out now and don't be 2 hours early or worse, 2 hours late! Good, now I can almost sleep in! I only have to ask my mother if it is ok, but I think so!

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