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Using your body as a pendulum.

Using your own body as a pendulum is a tool you can use to access your higher wisdom, or your inner knowing, or your intuition, or your guides. Whatever you want to call it, it doesn't matter to me, whatever you are comfortable with! In my practice, I have already shared this simple way of accessing your inner knowing with many people. After all, it's so simple that anyone can do it. And maybe you find this too floaty, feel free to scroll on. And yet, even the most down-to-earth individuals I have explained and seen do this.... It's best when I see people's reaction when they apply this method for the first time and get answers!

Learning to trust our intuition is something that can connect us to our higher self, or your inner knowing, etc, etc. Don't be put off by the wording. It can be different for everyone. Sometimes it doesn't seem easy to do. Our head and thoughts often get in the way. But by accessing our inner self, you will find that the information you receive is usually exactly what you really need at that moment. One of the techniques by which you can really get in touch with your deepest source of wisdom is to use your body as a pendulum. It is a simple act of letting the physical body guide us in a certain direction. This can give deep insights and help you find the answers you are looking for.

Many of us may have tried using a pendulum or a crystal on a chain to get the information we need to make decisions or even to find lost items. And I don't know about you, but I find it hard to keep my hand still. It makes me secretly wonder if I haven't sent it myself. When you use your body, that question is not there at all. Using our bodies brings us much closer to our being. The process of using your body as a pendulum is to ask your higher self a question and wait for your body to respond in a forward or backward motion. The first step is to really understand how our higher self is communicating with us by calibrating our body, asking ourselves the directions for "yes" and "no", and then noting which way our body is moving.

So in other words, first ask yourself a question where you know what the answer is. In my practice, I always use the example of my name. Then I close my eyes and ask the question: is my name Marga? As if by itself, my body reacts and I feel a forward movement. Sometimes so strong that I have to take a step forward. Ok, so yes is forward. Then I close my eyes again and ask the question: Is my name Olivia? And completely automatically my body responds and I feel a backward movement. Now I have my yes and my no.

For many people, a forward motion is "yes", and your body tilting backwards is a "no" answer. But not for everyone. So it could be the other way around for you. And as in my example, it is easier to start with simple questions first to understand how our higher self is communicating with us.

As we become more accustomed to the messages we receive and how we process them, we can start asking more specific things, such as what dosage of herbs to take or which foods best nourish our bodies. Using this technique in the supermarket or when shopping for vitamins and medicines can be extremely useful. You can also teach this technique to children, super simple and you can do it anywhere. Imagine if all children learn this early on, that they can get answers to simple questions and to complicated ones. And that they can trust this... I wish I had learned this as a child!

Again, you can say that you don't have to look for the answers outside yourself. You don't need anything, no complicated pendulum board or special pendulum of a particular gemstone. Just use your own body. Everything you need is already there.

And because we are always present in our bodies, understanding how to use our bodies as pendulums is a great tool to use at any time in our lives. By allowing our body to tell us what is going on inside us, we can be guided not only in everyday but also in important decisions in our lives. The more we allow our body to open up and share with us the connection it has with our deeper self, the better we will be able to truly access the knowledge we hold so deeply inside.

Do you want to know more? Do you want to work on growth and development using your own inner knowing? Are you ready for the next step? Is it time for action? Go for the Time to ACT programme! You can also use this tool right away :-) Stand up with your eyes closed and ask yourself the question: Is this journey for me? And if the answer is Yes, don't hesitate to send me a message! I look forward to speaking to you!

Want a flying start? Go for the Kickstart route!

Bron: Daily OM and from my own practice

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