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Full Moon, Crystals and Intentions

Tonight is the full moon and that is a perfect time to strengthen your intentions. Yesterday I gathered with three friends to bring our crystals together so they can charge together in the moonlight. Crystals strengthen each other and this way we can strengthen our intentions even more. The crystals that we have belong together, came to the Netherlands together, and we would like to keep these sister stones together as well. So, we have decided to bring the stones back together once a quarter before full moon!

Together, we have chosen a grid for the crystals to stand on. These grids all have a different meaning and give the crystals a different intention. A grid is actually a kind of catalyst for your crystals. All that remains for you to do is to set your intention and reflect on it every day.

Whether you want to manifest more self-love or a different job, a grid with crystals strengthens your wishes towards the universe. The grid is a powerful instrument that can help you do this. The grid is an image of Sacred Geometry. The lines and shapes, the geometry, empower the crystals, because the geometry of the crystals is also empowered with it.

There are different shapes with different properties. So first you choose the intention you want to empower and then you choose the grid that fits that intention. Then you choose the stones and cleanse the area where you will place them. You can do this by rinsing them under the tap, drying them with a soft cloth and smudging them with sage smoke.

Then start by choosing a stone for the centre and then the stones around it. Have the stones pointing outwards and as you place each stone, think about what you want to manifest. There are different ways to activate your grid, to 'switch on' it, but the simplest one is to close your eyes and imagine that the lines are connected to the stones, the stones are connected to the universe and there they communicate your intentions.

I found this explanation on the website of and there was this image.

Then try to make contact with the grid every day. See if you can find a moment every day to re-affirm your intentions. It is best if the grid can stay in place for a full moon cycle. When it gets covered with dust, dust it lightly to prevent the dust from stagnating the energy.

Free grid downloads

Do you want to lay down a grid tonight? I have made a list of grids that you can print and colour yourself. Or you can choose a ready-made coloured version :-) Both pdf-files contain all three grids.

May all your wishes come true!

Sacred geometry kleurplaat
Download PDF • 91KB

Sacred geometry met kleur
Download PDF • 20.36MB

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